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In business since 2007, Viasion Technology Co., Ltd has established itself as a Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS) company for low-to-mid volume PCB fabrication and PCB assembly services. Our facility located in Shenzhen which is the center in technology and electronics in China. Utilize the advanced supplying in electronics, as well as our State-of-the-Art production lines and highly experienced professional, we offer our customers high quality and low-cost One-stop PCB Assembly Services, including PCB fabrication, parts procurement and PCB Assembly .

Quality comes first with us in Viasion. We always thinking about quality work and long term partnership, which resulting in many loyal, grateful customers. Our company is ISO9001:2016, ISO:14001:2016, TS16949 certified and UL listed (E358677) which continues to ensure that Viasion has the necessary controls and processes in place to ensure consistent high quality.


Over the last 16 years, Viasion has worked with customers of various sizes and industries, including electrical vehicles, consumer electronics, industrial equipment, communication, industrial and control, energy, marine, satellites, test and measurement, LED, robotics, IOT, medial and more. When it comes to getting your PCBs fabricated or dissembled , Viasion is a company that prioritizes the following experiences a customer should expect: rapid quote response, flexible lead times, technical support, free DFA and DFM, cutting edge technology, price-to-value ratio, one-stop solution from PCB fabrication, parts sourcing and PCB assembly.

PCB Assembly

Viasion offers consigned PCB assembly, full Turn-key PCB assembly and partial Turn-key PCB assembly Services. We are very experienced in both both rigid PCB assembly and flex PCB assembly. In consigned PCB assembly, you can order all the material and ship our facility, we just assembly the PCBs and only charge the labor cost. In partial Turn-key PCB assembly, you can send us the PCBs and/or any partial components you have, we will fix the remaining parts for you. In full Turn-key PCB, we handle everything including circuit boards fabrication, components sourcing, incoming material quality inspection and PCB assembly. Our quality driven circuit board assembly process and advanced equipment ensures that your finished PCBs are of the highest quality.

Electronics Manufacturing

Besides PCB assembly, some of our customers would like us to finish all the electronics parts, including PCB assembly, cable assembly, system integration, final enclosure and packaging. Ours electronics manufacturing services including but not limited to: PCB fabrication, components sourcing, PCB assembly, cable and wire harness assembly, IC Programming, Conformal coating, System Integration, Box Build Assembly, Electromechanical Assembly, Repair/Rework services, final packaging and labeling. We are fully flexible to fulfil our customer’s demands in electronics manufacturing field.

PCB Fabrication

Viasion provides consistent high quality and affordable price of printed circuit boards of various complexities and materials including rigid, flex, rigid-flex, semi-flex, aluminum, ceramic, heavy copper, impedance control, RF/microwave, IC substrate, ATE PCB, backplane board, HDI including Any layer and more. Viasion will meet your PCB manufacturing needs in a variety of materials and technologies, with an unwavering commitment to UL certification and IPC Class 2 or Class 3 standards.

Our Viasion Mission and Values

Our Vision:

To be the most valued and trusted partner of our customer.

Our Mission:

To be trusted partner for our customers through excellent products and customer services.

To help our employees to achieve their personal values and potential.

To contribute to society and the environment. 

Our Values:

Endeavor, Developing, Win-Win, Learning, Honesty and Responsibility.

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