Industry Served

Viasion Technology Co., Ltd has been supplying PCB fabrication and PCB assembly service to customers  worldwide since 2007. Our industries served include but are not limited to:

Industry & Controls

Power supply units


Electronic switch gears

Controllers & Controls



Energy control systems

Industrial smart meters

Temperature sensors

HAVC control

Flow control

Electronic smart labels

Access Control Systems

Automation Equipment

CATV Inverter

Sky Power

Traffic control systems

intelligent transportation systems

BEMS Controllers

Direct Digital Controllers

Garage Door Operator

Polarization Control

Direct digital controls (DDC)

Voice Alarm Systems

Telecom & Communications

Analogue switches

Digital switches

Voice over IP switches

Virtual reality (VR) products


Telecom transceiver stations

Laser communication equipment

Communications satellites

Local area networks (LANs)

Landline telephones

Answering machines


Wireless devices

NFC devices

The Healthcare & Medical

Medical imaging devices

Medical monitoring systems

Robotic surgery

Respiratory monitoring

Blood Pressure Analysis

Oxygen level measurement in the body

Imaging in Diagnostics

Visual Impaired scanning (Barcode Scanner)

Stress measurement

Heart rate monitoring

Monitoring Pulmonary functions

Glucose monitoring


Vehicle lights

Anti-lock brake systems

Anti-theft systems

Audio-video systems

Climate control

Digital displays

Engine-timing systems

Signals and lamp controls

Transmission sensors

Power converters

Light management

Consumer Electronics


Washers and dryers


Air conditioners

Water heaters


Audio equipment

Computers and laptops

Wearables electronics

Coffee makers

Rice cookers

Electronic toothbrushes

Vacuum robots

Energy and Utilities

Interrupting devices

Oil detector

Gas detector

UPS power

Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Standby Power Supplies

Non-Standby Power Supply

Remote Power Manager

Power compact recorders

Meter socket recorders

Current probes

Power quality recorder

Traffic and Transportation

Traffic signal cabinets

GPS time sync kits

Traffic light controllers

Signal heads

Thermal cameras

Battery backup systems

LED lights

Video detection

Wireless Pod detection

Loop detection

Central systems

Test & Measurement

Airflow Measurement System

Temperature Measurement System

Pressure and flow smart transmitter

Airflow measurement products

Power Meters

Energy Meters

Gas Detection

Oil detector

Fire detector

Smoke detector

Pressure transducers



Force Sensors

Position Sensors

Pressure Mapping Sensors

Medical Sensors

LED & Lighting

Indoor lighting

Automotive lighting

Emergency vehicle lighting

Signage light

Video screens light

Traffic lights

Street lights

Parking garage lighting

Walkway and other outdoor area lighting

Refrigerated case lighting

Modular lighting

Architectural lighting

Entertainment lighting

Broadcast lighting

Horticulture lighting

Portable lighting

Retail lighting


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