PCB Manufacturing Capabilities

PCB Types

  • Rigid, Flex and Rigid Flex
  • Blind / Buried Vias, Micro Vias, Any-Layer HDI
  • Via In Pad, Conductive & Non Conductive
  • Aluminum based, Copper based
  • Microwave & RF
  • Impedance Control
  • Backplane, back drill
  • Heavy Copper 20 oz
  • IC Substrate PCB
  • ATE board

Type of Material

  • FR4: High TG FR4, Halogen free FR4, High Speed FR4
  • Polymide: Dupont Pyralux AP/TK series, Panasonic “FELIOS” series
  • Metal based: Aluminum based, Copper based, special alloys based Laird 1KA04,1KA06, Bergquist MP06503, HT0450
  • Microwave & RF: Rogers RO4350, RO4003, RO3003, RT/duroid, Arlon 85N, 33N,Nelco N4000-13, Panasonic Megtron 4, Megtron 6, Taconic RF35, TUC TU872, EMC EM827

Surface finishes

Immersion Gold (ENIG)
Immersion Silver

Pb-Free HAL
Immersion Tin
Hard Gold Plating
Soft Gold
Selective Finishes

Turnaround time

Quick turn: 1-5 days

Prototype and mall series production: 1-2 weeks

Mass production: 2-6 weeks


Layers counts 1-40 layers, upto 100 layers for special PCBs
Board thickness 0.13-7.0mm
Max. board dimensions: 21×59 inch

Max aspect ratio: 16:1(drill >=0.2mm)

Solder mask color: green, black, blue, red, white, grey, purple
Silkscreen color: white, black, yellow,green

Outline method: Routing, v-cut and punching by mold

Quality Grade:IPC Class 2 , Class 3, Class 3A

Min Trace/Space: 2mil/2mil

Min drill size: laser-drilled 0.075mm, mechanical: 0.15mm


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