Alumina PCB

Alumina PCB is also referred to as metal base PCB and AI203. This type of PCB uses a copper layer, aluminum metal, and dielectric thermally conductive & electrically insulating substance. 

This is due to the favorable material characteristics of alumina PCBs, which include good thermal conductivity, a low CTE (coefficient of thermal expansion), dielectric strength, potent chemical hazard resistance, and hermeticity. The widespread use is explained by the combination of these beneficial qualities with a relatively low price and simpler handling. Additionally, UV transparency and bright white hue can both be advantageous in applications in which a high rate of apparent light reflection is required without problems with degradation (yellowing)

Aluminium PCBs used

Medical circuits, LED boards, sensor modules, antennas, & high-frequency devices are a few examples of applications. Because the dielectric insulating materials are a perfect fit to reduce the heat created throughout the project and can withstand high temperatures extremely well, the aluminum PCB is frequently used for applications that require heat dissipation.

Alumina PCB advantages

  • High operating temperature.
  • Reduced stress on solder joints is caused by a low expansion coefficient.
  • Superior performance at high frequencies.
  • Reduced package size as a result of integration and multi-layer options.
  • Possible hermetic containers, zero water absorption.
  • White’s favorable effects on light reflection.
  • Limited to no outgassing
  • Strong rigid material

A final product’s longevity and long-term reliability can be continuously improved by aluminum-backed PCBs due to their capacity to regulate temperature and the resulting decline in failure rates. In comparison to other materials, aluminum designs offer higher mechanical stability & lower thermal expansion levels.


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