Automotive PCB

The circuit boards used in car electronics, such as rearview cameras, front lighting, anti-lock brake systems, and engine controls, are known as automotive PCBs. For the design and manufacture of automobile PCBs, safety comes first. The demand for dependable automotive PCBs is increasing as more electric and hybrid vehicles are put on the road. Whether they are installed in the dashboard, underneath the hood, or in locations with high motion, automotive printed circuit boards are carefully engineered to support every individual application and function in the situations they will encounter.


Printed circuit boards are widely used in automobiles because of their many advantages in addition to their functionality. Given its wide range of uses, this innovation in vehicle production is beneficial. Other options won’t be able to do the same functions as it, or won’t even come close in terms of quality.

  • In-vehicle computers
  • Audio-video systems
  • In-vehicle communication systems
  • Battery management systems
  • Vehicle display modules
  • Vehicle sensors
  • Car lights
  • Vehicle seat sensors
  • ABS pressure sensors
  • Door handles
  • Gearboxes
  • Roof switches


The production of automotive PCBs should at the very least follow a certified quality assurance system, with the components adhering to responsive AEC standards and the manufacturing and assembly of automotive PCBs adhering to IPC standards. It is abhorrent to do these on your own, therefore why not leave PCB manufacturing, assembly, and electronic component procurement to a reputable automotive PCB manufacturer? Contact us if you haven’t finished your automobile PCB design so that our solution specialists can offer helpful advice and solutions.


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