BGA Assembly

BGA Assembly

Ball grid array, sometimes known as BGA, is a type of packaging used it to mount components with hundreds of pins, such as microprocessors.  BGA assembly is the process of directly mounting the BGA packages or integrated circuits (ICs) onto BGA board and soldering them in place. SMD assembly is the same as the process of constructing an SMD package. However, unlike SMD assembly, BGA soldering requires exact control and is carried out by automated procedures.


Circuit boards of the Ball Grid Array (BGA) design used tiny, spherical solder balls to facilitate the electrical passage between circuit components. This improved PCB assembly in a number of ways, including:

.Higher-density circuits: Through-hole circuits got more densely populated, making it practically impossible to solder them precisely without crossover or short-circuits.

.Heat conduction: BGA circuits minimize overheating issues by facilitating significantly easier heat transfer from integrated circuit externally. 

.Lower inductance: The likelihood of interference issues in a BGA circuit is considerably reduced because each soldering ball typically only measures a few millimeters in size.

.  Fewer Damage Leads: Solid solder balls make up the BGA leads, which are impervious to harm during operation. Because BGA packaging seems to have no pins that could flex or break, it is stable enough to frequently guarantee electrical functioning on a large scale.

BGA Assembly Capabilities:

.There are four automatic placement systems with vision systems that can check the solder ball coverage. 

.One automated device with a 3-D laser accessible can check the height of the solder balls. CBGA, PBGA, and MBGA placement is done automatically.

.Using the Phoenix real-time x-ray technology to verify BGAs

Application of solder paste in BGA Assembly 

Without the use of solder paste, BGA rework is frequently accomplished and is typically more reliable (i.e., using only the solder balls). This presupposes that the site preparation and fluxing procedures were honest. Solder paste is frequently useful in situations where there may also be planarity problems.


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