Cable Assembly

Cable Assembly

Cable assemblies are collections of cables assembled into a single unit for just a specific function. Cable harnesses and wire looms are other names for cable assemblies. To make installation simpler and faster, these cables are bundled together in exactly the right length and direction. To protect the collection of cables or wires from extreme temperature exposure, fire, wetness, dust, friction, and chemical substance introduction, the material is important. The material also protects people and natural elements from potential harm that could be caused by stream of ems electronics, similar to the exterior coverings used in wire harnesses. Additionally, they make sure that electronic contract manufacturing services systems are well-organized and straightforward for experts to understand while protecting the internal wiring or cable from abrasion or other harsh environmental conditions.

Cable assemblies used for

A cable assembly is a collection of wires or cables that have been put together as one piece. This product’s function is to combine the power of numerous distinct cables into a unit that is simpler to install, swap out, and maintain.

Cable assembly contained

Typically made of rubber, vinyl, or pressure-extruded thermoplastics like polyurethane, a cable assembly is a collection of cables or wires that are enclosed in a single tube of material.

For clients who engage in custom cable assembly, we create high-end goods, adjusting and coordinating our electronics manufacturing as necessary.

  • High‐speed data technology
  • Fiber Optic
  • Over-moldings that are both standard and custom 
  • Custom cable printing and labeling
  • Samples, limited runs, and mass production

Only with the proper cable and a suitable electronic manufacturing firm can you meet the needs of your application. For your rugged device to operate correctly, reliably, and durably in demanding operating circumstances and hostile environments, connectors and cables must be constructed and optimized using particular equipment, techniques, and materials. Count on the designs, materials, and technologies created by our electronic manufacturing company and operators to toughen your cable assembly solution so that it can withstand elements such as weather, abrasion, shock, vibration, temperature extremes, electromagnetic interference, radiation, chemicals, as well as sterilization and cleaning procedures.


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