Components Sourcing

Components Sourcing

With the growth of our PCB assembly company, we expanded our component sourcing offerings to increase the productivity of our PCB production line and provide you more time for project engineering and creating. We have established good working relationships with authorised component wholesalers such as Mouser Electronics, Arrows Electronics, Avnet, etc. thanks to our years of circuit assembly experience. It enables us to obtain any of your necessary components for a reasonable price. to ensure components’ dependability, performance, and quality and to equip your circuit boards with the key aspects. By default, our circuit maker will buy your components from licensed distributors. If you need to move to self-selected suppliers who have significantly lower prices on components than authorised distributors since your project has a very limited budget. To help you lower the cost of pcb production, we will purchase from the vendors you suggest. Please be aware that we cannot guarantee the functionality or quality of components acquired through your suggested sources.

Advantages of components sourcing

We offer free estimates for your component sourcing, and you can receive individualized help with the order process. To make sure everything goes as planned, your project manager will keep in touch with you.

  • Cost-effective

We have years of experience assembling PCBs and have established solid working relationships with trustworthy supplier so that we can obtain the components at reasonable prices. Having a price edge can help you cut production costs.

  • A short wait period for purchasing

If you have a thorough list and the right PCB files, we can provide a quote for business within 24 hours. If the components are in stock, we can assemble them in three to five days thanks to the inventory assistance from our reliable suppliers. However, in reality, lead times vary depending on how challenging it is to buy the component.

  • Full traceability management

To guarantee that all of the components are of the highest quality and at the best price, we maintain stringent quality control requirements and complete supply chain management. Manufacturers of pcb guarantee that every component will undergo a rigorous inbound examination and ongoing testing throughout the course of production, and that the entire procurement process will be fully traceable.

  • Diverse customized service

To satisfy your various requirements, we offer a variety of component sourcing services. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any other requirements that were not covered in this post. We’ll try our hardest to make things as convenient as possible for you. And without your permission, we won’t replace the parts.


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