Conformal Coating

Conformal Coating

A printed circuit board (PCB) may have a thin polymeric layer known as a conformal coating put to it to shield it from corrosion and the elements. Circuit boards, semiconductors, and other electronic equipment are safeguarded by conformal coating, a specially designed polymeric film-forming substance, against hazardous environmental factors such moisture, thermal expansion, static electricity, vibration, and contamination.

Purpose of Conformal Coating

Its main objective is to shield electronic equipment from corrosion and the elements. For a PCB, the coating serves as both an insulator and a shield. Ultimately extending the PCB’s useful life. The coatings shield against environmental exposure, enhancing the longevity of the electrical gadgets while remaining easily applied and repaired. Depending on environment the semiconductors will be used in, their sensitivity, and the needed durability, coating may or may not be necessary.

Printed circuit boards that have just been made will typically work well, but functionality can quickly decline owing to external elements in its operational environment, such as humidity, chemicals, salt spray, and extremes in temperature. In these conditions, printed circuit boards & their component can be shielded by a coating, which will finally stop corrosion and failure. The protection offered enables designers to achieve reliability and miniaturization requirements by allowing for more power and nearer track spacing.

Applications in the automotive, military, aerospace, submarine, lighting, industrial, and green energy sectors place a premium on the utilization of these materials. However, conformal coatings are also making their way into the residential and mobile electronic industries as a result of the electronics sector’s rapid rise. providing a wide range of electrical devices with the necessary fusion of excellent performance and dependability. Conformal coatings are typically not watertight. The coated electronics are neither completely waterproof or sealed because of these coatings’ semi-permeable nature. They shield against environmental exposure, enhancing the electrical device’s lifetime while remaining easy to use and maintain.


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