Copper Based PCB

Metal core PCBs include copper-core circuit boards in the category. These PCBs have a multilayer structure with a copper base that provides improved heat conductivity.

  • Base layer: Copper is used as the base layer’s substrate because it has a high temperature and heat transmission rate.
  • Thermal insulation layer: Prepreg or the other high thermal conductivity insulator is used in copper core PCBs to enhance heat transmission.
  • Circuit layer: The circuit layer is made up of copper foil, which typically weighs between 1 and 10 ounces.
  • Dielectric layer: The heat that passes through the circuit layer is captured and sent to the copper board for dispersion via an additional dielectric layer.

The endurance and conductivity required for high-temperature applications are provided by metal-core circuit boards, including copper-core PCBs.


High thermal conductivity: Copper offers the highest amount of thermal conductivity of any metal core PCB choice. The heat transport and dissipation are substantially stronger with better conductivity. Standard PCBs, such as FR-4 boards, may not be able to tolerate the heat in situations with high temperatures, leading to significant damage. Critical circuits’ heat will be diverted away from them by a copper core PCB, preventing performance problems and extending the life of the board.

Environmentally friendly: Copper is totally recyclable because it is made of natural materials. You may make your products more ecologically friendly by using copper core boards.

Durability: Copper-core PCBs are more resistant to corrosion and distortion over time than ceramic or fiberglass circuit boards because they have higher heat dissipation. Additionally, copper core holds up better during manufacture than ordinary materials, which lowers the likelihood of breakdowns during development and regular use.


Possible applications include:

  • Lighting: Street lights, interior lighting & camping lanterns
  • Automotive: Headlights & power controllers
  • Telecommunications: Filtering appliances & high-frequency amplifiers
  • Audio: Output, input & power amplifiers
  • Computers: Central processing unit (CPU) boards & power devices
  • Power supply: Solid-state relays, bridges, power rectifiers, and converters
  • Medical tools: Operating room & surgical lighting, power converters & high-power scanning technology


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