Custom Pcb Assembly

Custom PCB Assembly

Any urgent help or inquiries on any kind of PCB assembly are welcome. You can rely on our professionals to help you in every way. We are aware that different sectors have varied needs for PCB assembly. For instance, PCBs used in computing and business electronics are different from those utilized in the military defence industries. We provide these industries’ clients with the bespoke PCB assembly services they need to satisfy their needs. Together, our specialists will determine the needs and then recommend solutions in line with those needs.

You will collaborate on it with the engineering and assembly teams, as well as a dedicated project manager. For every one of the printed circuit assembly needs, we are prepared to offer you a high-quality, one-stop-shop experience right now. With our thriving workmanship, we adapt to the specific needs of our clients, whether they require a quick response prototype and mass production PCB assembly.

Designing and Processing

Depending on the needs of the project, a PCB’s general composition changes. The substrate of a board is composed of several layers of materials and is copper foil routed. Before starting any component assembly, assemblers must review design files and assess any potential PCB issues that can impair performance. Accurately applied high-quality soldering material helps to prevent flaws such lead protrusion, nonwetting, and short circuits. Additionally, we have the equipment needed to carry out automated functional inspection and optical inspections, spotting defective or misplaced parts.

Custom PCB Assembly services

You can find any unique solution to meet your needs. We offer PCB assembly services for both small and big manufacturing runs. We are dedicated to meeting your PCB assembly needs with quick turnaround and high quality standards! Our team of specialists concentrates on little flaws that can damage the PCB. They effectively resolve it to eliminate any possibility of an issue in the future. We have developed our technical and manufacturing capabilities over time to become a market leader in high-tech PCB assembly services.


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