Custom PCB

Custom PCB

Small electrical components and printed strands of conductive material, including such copper, can be found on a custom PCB; Regardless of the intricacy of the component, it is utilised to combine circuits as well as other electrical components while conserving space.

There are some electrical projects that may require intricate circuitry that must fit in a small area. Consider your smartphone as an example. A device that fits in the hollow of your hand processes a huge quantity of information, and printed circuit boards make this possible (PCBs). PCBs, however, aren’t just for mobile devices! In addition to many other things, they can be included into the designs of vehicles, gaming machines, and heavy machinery.

Pros of Custom PCBs

  • Space-saving.
  • Automation saves money on labour costs.
  • Increases quality, precision, and repeatability.
  • Installation, replacement, and maintenance that saves labour.
  • The necessity for decals is eliminated by direct printing legends.
  • Integrated LED lights offer instant functionality verification.

Cons of Custom PCBs

  • Tooling and initial design time needed.
  • It is challenging to revise several times.
  • High current can damage the PCB.
  • Enclosures that shield PCBs from the workplace environment might make troubleshooting challenging.

Because PCB technology advances so quickly, elements in a PCB design may become out-of-date and expensive to fix or replace in just two years.

Custom PCBs are a good choice for high-volume, rarely-changing applications based on their advantages and disadvantages. Production may be done at a very low cost once the initial design & tooling are finalized, and you can be sure that every PCB will be identical. A custom PCB may not be the best option if the electrical design will be changed frequently or if your volume won’t generate a payback on design and tooling expenditures.


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