High Volume Pcb Assembly

High Volume PCB Assembly

Simple bulk PCB manufacturing is what high volume PCB assembly is. In a single production cycle, this kind of PCB assembly produces over 1000 PCBs. This method is typically used for conventional or custom PCB assemblies that are in great demand. Many electronic OEMs favour this method because it has many commercial advantages. For big quantity turnkey projects, we additionally provide a free sample programme in which we construct a small batch of boards for our clients’ approval before the bulk of the order is finished. We are able to provide a full assurance on our PCBs thanks to these quality control procedures; in the event that any board failures occur that are not the result of design problems, we promise to replace or repair any defective PCBs. offering complete turnkey services and high-quality, high-volume PCB assembly, supported by years of PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly experience. Our strategy for carrying out high volume printed circuit board assembly is based on a dedication to the highest quality.

Benefits of High Volume PCB Assembly

The benefits of  High volume PCB assembly are,

One-time prototyping and design process: The PCBs are uniformly put together because the manufacturing process is done in bulk. As a result, all PCBs undergo a single PCB prototyping and design process. The designers must closely monitor the design process during this procedure. For the PCB to function properly, design and prototype are carried out in this procedure. 

Production Uniformity: Pre-established specifications ensure that output is uniform. All of the PCBs would be created uniformly from the very first one to the very last one. As a result, this kind of printed circuit assembly can preserve feature consistency.

Cost-Efficiency: This procedure is undoubtedly cost-effective. The parts and materials are bought in bulk, which lowers the price. Bulk manufacturing decreases the cost in individual design, manufacture, and testing.

Testing is mandatory: We need to test the prototype to make sure it functions properly. In high-volume PCB manufacturing, PCBs with identical appearance and functionality are frequently preferred.

The production procedure just takes a short time. The time required for manufacturing is reduced by design and prototype due to the efficiency of the volume PCB assembly approach. Additionally, the whole process is automated, saving both time and effort by doing away with human involvement. Now that PCB assembly and its advantages have been described, you might think about outsourcing this work to a reputable business like Accelerated Assemblies. The business offers high volume PCB assembly services.


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