Isola PCB

Isola is a multinational material sciences firm that specializes in developing and producing dielectric prepregs and copper-clad laminates for multi-layer PCB fabrication. Since the company’s founding in 1912, Isola has offered both superior solutions and cutting-edge solutions. High-end consumer electronics, computers, network and communication systems, and high-end consumer electronics, such as goods made for use in the advanced automotive, aerospace, military, and medical markets, all use Isola high-performance materials.

Materials Used in Isola PCB

Isola PCB is created using a variety of materials. Some of them consist of 


This phrase has a connection to the PCB sector. It is produced by infusing specially designed polymers into fiberglass cloth. Different thermal, electromagnetic, and physical characteristics are included in the prepreg by the resin. It is crucial for fixing how the Isola PCB operates.

Copper Clad Laminates

One or more copper & prepreg plies are compressed together under extremely high heat, pressure, & vacuum to create this lamination.

The business makes investments in R&D to develop products that are leaders in the industry and designed to satisfy the most exacting performance specifications of its clients, including PCB fabricators, architects, and manufacturers of original equipment. To guarantee that each product satisfies your unique requirements, we put it through a series of tests according to a range of industry specifications. Examine each one in greater detail to determine its significance for you.


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