Lead free PCB Assembly

There are two main stages to the lead-free PCB assembly process. The following steps provide a full description of the lead-free PCB assembly method. 

Pre-assembly Steps

Manufacturing of lead-free PCBs involves three basic pre-assembly procedures.

  • Profiling:

Profiling is a technique that resembles a prototype. A finalized lead-free PCB is used by the makers as a prototype. This could be a real PCB that works, a fake PCB, or false components.

  • Solder Paste-Inspection:

It’s crucial to carefully scrutinize since a lead-free solder junction seems metallic, which is extremely different from a lead-based solder. Since lead-free soldering exposes the board to a higher degree of moisture than conventional soldering, the humidity level is also evaluated in this step.

  • Component Analysis:

Lead-free parts should be cooked inside the oven by manufacturer because they are susceptible to moisture. The lead-free assembly process starts after the necessary preparations have been completed.

Active Assembly Steps

In the active assembly process, the PCB assembly actually takes place.

  • Stencil Placement Application:

In this step, the lead-free stencil from the profiling stage is placed on the board. Then the lead-free solder paste is applied.

  • Component Mounting:

The components are put on the board as once solder paste has been applied. Both manual and automatic gear can be used to position the components. The identified component is picked up by the machinery or operator and placed in the predetermined location.

  • Soldering:

This stage involves manual soldering or lead-free through-hole soldering.

  • Board Placement inside Reflow Oven:

The solder paste melted inside of the reflow oven while the PCBs are inside of it. In order to solidify the molten solder paste, the boards are also cooled to room temperature. This aids in stabilizing the parts in place.

  • Testing and Packaging:

This stage involves testing the solder joints. AOI and X-ray inspection come after visual examination. Prior to packaging, structural and functional testing is done.

Our Lead-Free services 

  1. Lead Free Printed Circuit Boards
  2. Lead Free Rework
  3. Lead free Assembly (SMT or THA)
  4. Lead Free Wave Soldering
  5. Lead-Free Materials Analysis

To ensure compliance with Lead-Free, our Lead free PCB assembly service uses unique assembly techniques. In addition to assembling your lead-free boards, we can help you determine whether the materials listed in your bill of materials are suitable for producing lead-free PCBs.  As parts with our lead free PCB assembly service, we can even look into lead-free elements for you and submit you a Bill-of-Materials with the relevant components.


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