Low Volume PCB Assembly

Low-Volume PCB Assembly

Your customized option for well-defined freedom for installing components on a single batch of bare boards is low-volume PCB assembly! A low-volume PCB assembly is a must if you’re planning a fresh launch. After all, you don’t want to be faced with problems following a significant manufacturing run. You might also be a small-batch PCB maker looking to build small-batch PCBs rapidly, cheaply, and without compromising on quality. These are some of the factors that call for you to work with a partner who specializes in small-batch PCB assembly (also known as low-volume PCB assembly), which allows for the dependable construction of printed circuit boards in small batches.

Adroitness of low-volume PCB assembly

  • Design for Manufacturing Services (DFM)
  • Validation of Bill of Materials
  • Authentication of Circuit Diagrams 
  • Gerber Files and Assembly Drawings
  • Custom, low-cost printed circuit boards made in small batches 
  • We are completely prepared to meet your unique needs by customizing low-volume, low-cost printed circuit boards in small batches. 
  • Manufacturing high-density PCBs is not hindered by the small batch PCB size.
  • Pre-production samples for small-batch printed circuit boards
  • Our capabilities include offering pre-production samples for review before the final production. In turn, this avoids any risks and errors not to mention costs. 
  • In addition, our robust testing protocols from electrical testing to X-ray inspection ensure that any PCB assembly low-volume issues are resolved before the order is shipped out.

Applications of low-volume PCB assembly

  • Low-volume PCB prototypes are used when you need to be certain the product will sell before moving into mass production.
  • Low-volume PCB assembly is ideal for items whose lot sizes may vary or whose production procedures need assembly lines to switch between different product specifications.

It’s likely that you want a single contact point to manage minor orders. Therefore, you can rely upon our turnkey services to handle the burden and free up your time and energy so that you can concentrate on your primary line of business.


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