PCB Design

PCB Design

Your electronic circuits come to physical life through printed circuit board (PCB) design. Component positioning and routing are combined with layout software throughout the PCB design process to specify electrical connections on a printed circuit board.

Basics of PCB design

Component symbols and the connections between them are shown as schematics.The connections on the board are called nets. The BOM (bill of materials) from schematic is checked for extended lead times and out-of-date components during the pre-layout stage of the design process.

PCB working principle

The way a printed circuit boards (PCBs) works is that it separates the top copper foil conductive layer while still allowing current to flow down pre-planned channels in various components.

PCB Design process

  • Component placement

Creating a physically circuit board layout from a schematic diagram is the first step in the PCB design process. After that, it’s time to put the problem-solving abilities to the test by arranging components in a small area.

  • PCB routing

The art and science of PCB routing go hand in one. You’ll provide electrical connection between elements on a PCB layout using actual cables. The routing is what differentiates your design from others’; no two circuit boards are same.

  • Ecad-mcad integration

Every PCB design can be found inside a mechanical product. Mechanical and electronic engineers may easily collaborate on the same model while using Fusion 360’s native ECAD and MCAD tools to guarantee the fit, shape, and functionality of the final product.

  • Design your pcb stack-up

Due to susceptibility, which describes how much and how fast quickly ems manufacturing may move along a trace, this is crucial to take into account early on during the PCB design stage. The mechanical engineer’s ability to design & fit a PCB into the device depends on the stack-up.


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