Rogers PCB

The Rogers firm manufactures the basic materials for the high-frequency board known as the Rogers PCB. Epoxy resin distinguishes it from traditional PCB boards (FR4). It utilizes a ceramic base as just the high-frequency material and lacks a glass fibre in the middle. The thermal stability and dielectric constant of Rogers are superior.


Circuit boards are made using laminate materials under the Rogers brand. Rogers Corporation is the manufacturer of these. Due to their sturdy qualities, the company’s sophisticated PCB materials are extremely well-liked by players and are supplied to numerous manufacturers. They provide advantages with its Fire Retardant 4 (FR4) materials for PCB substrates, including a wide variety of dielectric constants and reduced signal losses. Better heat resistance is provided in challenging application situations. In many mission-critical devices and systems, including those utilized in aerospace and defence, Rogers PCBs are used. Due to its growing popularity, it is simple to locate Rogers PCB manufacturers nowadays who focus on producing circuit boards with Rogers material. When selecting Rogers material for a printed circuit board, there are a few considerations to keep in mind that are different from other common materials. 

Benefits of Rogers PCB material 

The essential benchmark for PCB substrates is FR-4 material, which successfully balances price, performance, manufacture ability, durability, and electrical qualities. The benefits of Rogers materials are as follows:

  • low degradation of electrical signal
  • Affordable PCB fabrication
  • Lower dielectric loss
  • Better thermal management
  • To be used in space applications, low outgassing
  • Improve impedance control


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