Taconic PCB

A printed circuit board made with Taconic PCB materials is known as a Taconic PCB. These materials consist of handwoven glass-reinforced materials and polytetrafluoroethylene with ceramic filling. These boards are appropriate for RF applications in the aerospace and communication sectors. Taconic PCB is a pioneer in the creation of cutting-edge engineered composite materials.

Types of Taconic

  • Taconic rf 35
  • Taconic CER 10
  • Taconic tly-5A


Taconic has established itself as a top provider to the food processing industry. Additionally, they offer a large selection of coated materials, such as tapes, textiles, and belts, for a number of industrial applications. Taconic PCB offers cutting-edge composite materials for high-speed digital, RF, and microwave applications, such as

  • Antenna/base station antenna
  • Components/combiners/filters/splitters
  • Power amplifiers
  • Traffic collision avoidance systems
  • Transmitters
  • Autonomous cruise control
  • High-temperature reliability
  • Key-less entry systems
  • Tire pressure monitoring
  • Flex PCB assembly
  • Gasket
  • Non-silicone masking tape


Low cost: The construction of such a circuit board must be done at a minimal cost. It is usually an economical choice for engineers. The best value for the money is provided by this laminate with ceramic fill.

Low dielectric loss: Laminates with low dielectric loss are the best choice for radio frequency & microwave applications. The dielectric loss of Taconic is extremely low. This material’s high dielectric constant accounts for its minimal dielectric loss.

Less electrical signal loss: One of the many advantages of these printed circuit boards. Taconic laminate has little dielectric signal loss because of the material that was utilized to make it.

Wide range of dielectric constants: Dielectric constants are available in a variety of ranges on Taconic PCB. It is therefore perfect for use in a variety of situations.

Low dissipation factor: This circuit board has a low dissipation factor, making it an effective insulator. An effective insulator system has a low dissipation factor.

Taconic provides high-frequency PCBs that are suitable for a variety of uses. Taconic PCBs have an extensive range of dielectric constants, a small dissipation factor, and little electrical signal loss. Glass weaved into the laminates serves as reinforcement. They offer excellent mechanical, electrical, and thermal properties.


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