Halogen Free PCB

A printed circuit board with few halogen components is known as a halogen-free PCB. Chlorine, fluorine, bromide, astatine, and iodine are the primary halogen compounds that are toxic to life. There is less than 900 ppm of bromide or chlorine in a halogen-free PCB. The board’s halogen content is also under 1500 ppm.

Halogen-free laminates & prepregs with various performance, electrical, physical, & thermal qualities are offered by a number of PCB laminate material producers. Halogen-free printed circuit board materials are those that are above a predetermined threshold-free of the halogen components (Chlorine, Bromine, Fluorine). Halogen-free PCB lamination materials are required as a result of the rising demand for PCBs that are environmentally benign. The evaluation and selection procedure could take some time since there are many manufacturers & products to pick from. But in this post, you can rapidly examine a comparison of some of the most popular halogen-free materials’ salient features.

Advantages of Halogen Free PCBs

  1. PCB substrates made without halogen provide greater electrical insulation. Halogen-free materials have less polarity than materials containing bromine because P and N have less polarity than halogens. Halogen-free PCBs are therefore more resistant to electric shock.
  2. PCBs made without halogen have a lower thermal expansion coefficient. The PCB has a higher monomer molecular weight as a result of P and N substituting Halogens, and its molecule mobility is lower than that of traditional epoxy resin. As a result, halogen-free PCBs are more thermally stable and experience less thermal expansion compared to conventional PCBs.
  3. 3.PCBs without halogen have a greater TG. A higher TG indicates that the PCB can operate at greater temperatures and be used in higher-power applications. TG stands for the glass melting point.
  4. PCBs made without halogens absorb moisture at a slower rate. Compared to halogen epoxy resin, a P and N compound epoxy resin has a lower likelihood of forming hydrogen bonds with water’s hydrogen atoms.  As a result, halogen-free PCBs absorb less moisture than regular PCBs that use halogen flame retardant.


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