An RF Circuit Board is what? In general, any higher-frequency PCB that performs above 100MHz is regarded as a RF circuit board by the PCB industry. Anything above 2GHz inside the radio frequency category is a microwave PCB.

A signal with an extremely high frequency is called radio frequency, or RF. The requirements for the circuit board’s performance indicators determine the type of circuit board substrate to use. Either regular FR4 epoxy glass fibre or a specialized microwave substrate like Teflon are acceptable.

RF PCB standard

  1. Low-power RF Standard FR4 material is typically used in printed circuit boards because of its good insulating qualities, uniformity, and 10% dielectric constant. In the RF PCB design, each component should be closely arranged to ensure the shortest connection.
  2. For mixed-signal PCBs, the bottom of the digital part must be separated from the RF part, and the RF and analogue parts should be placed far from the digital part (that distance is typically more than 2 cm, at least 1 cm).
  3. Use Surface Mounted Devices as often as feasible when choosing components to operate in a high-frequency environment. The component pins on SMD are often quite brief and modest in size.

This article offers standards and recommendations for designing and laying out radio frequency (RF) printed circuit boards (PCBs). It also discusses mixed-signal applications, which include RF, digital, and analogue components all on the same PCB.


Discrete RF/microwave circuits are made possible by the transmission lines & components found in printed-circuit-board (PCB) materials. They are made of a variety of substances, including plastics, epoxy, glass, & ceramics, and they can be rigid or flexible and have properties that work with a variety of circuit designs. design of a circuit that requires impedance stability. Tolerance for signal loss. The temperature of operation (Stability) ability to absorb heat, as even low-power RF systems can produce a lot of power.


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