Rigid PCB

Rigid PCB

The most PCBs are created as rigid PCBs, a type of printed circuit board. It is constructed of a sturdy substrate material that can effectively avoid circuit board distortion. The motherboard of a computer is presumably the most typical stiff printed circuit board. The motherboard is a multi-layer PCB that enables communication between all of the computer’s parts, including the CPU, GPU, and RAM, while distributing power from the power supply. Any location where the PCB needs to be set into a shape and maintained for the remainder of the equipment’s life can employ rigid PCB. Simple single-layer rigid PCBs can be as complex as multi-layer rigid PCBs with eight or 10 layers.

Characteristics of rigid PCB

  • To connect the many components on a rigid PCB, copper trances and routes are combined onto a single board. A hard substrate serves as the board’s base material, giving it rigidity and strength.
  • Rigid PCBs cannot be altered or folded into another shape after they have been made.
  • The best example of a stiff contract PCB assembly with a rigid substrate material is the computer motherboard.

Materials for manufacturing 

Substrate Layer: Fiberglass makes up the substrate layer, often known as the base material. The most popular type of fibreglass, FR4, is utilized primarily as a substrate material since it gives the board rigidity and stiffness.

Copper Layer: With the aid of further heat and glue, a metal foil is bonded on the board on top of a substrate layer.

Solder Mask Layer: The copper layer is home to the solder mask layer. In order to protect the copper layer from harm in the event that any conduction material comes into contact with it, this layer is added to the board.

Silkscreen Layer: Just above solder mask layer lies the silkscreen layer. To make the board easier to interpret, characters or symbols are added.


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